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Want to contribute to The Light Australia? Have you got a great story? We would love your submission - but FIRST check your piece against the following guidelines:-

1. ACCURACY - ask yourself at every sentence: is it true? How do I know this is accurate?

Ensure you check things like trade names against the company's website, or check quotes from a book to ensure quoted correctly.

2. SOURCING - every sentence you write that contains a statement of fact needs a source.

Eg If you write "Gavi core partners include the WHO, Gates Foundation and the World Bank" then you must say where you got that information.

3. FAIRLY presenting the other side of the case, makes your work stronger, not weaker. In opinion pieces this is less necessary.

As the old saying goes "He who knows only his own side of the case knows little of that." - John Stuart Mill, On Liberty, 1859

4. RE-READ IT, CHECK IT AGAIN, line by line for mistakes BEFORE you submit.

We all make mistakes (which need corrections) - repeated sloppy errors tell the editor that you haven't checked your work before submitting.


It's not an academic paper. Lead your intro with your most exciting piece of information. Keep your sentences short. One idea per sentence.

6. QUOTES need to be exact when within quote marks, introduced and then referenced.

Eg Ian Day said the WA Federal Court's decision was correct. "It is a great victory for all Australians," he said outside court on Monday.

7. THE EDITORS DECISION IS FINAL. When you write for this newspaper, you are acting as a journalist.

The editor has final say on readability and on what makes a good story. The editor may give you a read-back to ensure no major errors.


Max 800 words for news/opinion. Max 600 words for picture story (w/picture/artwork that you have taken or created so no copyright violation)


Not accepted:- An 'infomercial' - a long form of advertising written as an article. An 'Advertorial' - paid editorial for a business.

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