Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to do a cash donation, can I do this?

We don't currently have anywhere to accept cash donations, we do however have our bank account in which you are able to do a direct bank transfer. Please go to our contact page and fill out the form requesting our bank details. Once we are notified of your interest, we will send the bank details to you.

What is The Light Australia for?

The Light Australia is a non profit newspaper, distributed free to the public, run by volunteers, that prints stories the mainstream media ignores. Our prime aim is to "awaken" and engage the broader population about Australian and International events, and counter opinion, that generally remain unreported in the mainstream media.

Why did you start The Light Australia?

To inform our population of important information ignored by our Australian mainstream media, and to offer a platform to independent journalists, scientists and experts.

How is The Light Australia funded?

The Light Australia is currently funded by the generous donations of our community. Going forward, advertising will also assist in funding a proportion of the paper as well.

Where do I find the paper, or can I subscribe?

The distribution of TLA is done completely by volunteers, so the locations are not pre-determined - it's at the discretion of the distributors and what works well in their area. If you haven't come across a copy of the paper where you live, there are a couple of ways to read it:

1. each issue is available online at our home page

2. going forward there will be a link on the website to purchase printed copies to be mailed directly to you

Can I donate without using your website?

Yes you can! You are able to do a direct bank transfer into our bank account. Please go to our contact page and fill out the form requesting our bank details. Once we are notified of your interest, we will send our bank details to you.

Can anyone write for The Light Australia?

Yes. Each article submitted must be limited to 500-1,000 words and submitted in a Word document format. Each article must be topical and verifiable. Include an appropriate image (royalty-free) that may compliment the article. Go to the Submissions section on our website to contribute your article.

Do the published articles include references so that readers can do further research?

Every article includes the name of the author and, in most cases, details of where you can go to read more from that author; where relevant, source and reference information is also included. This may be in the body of the article or a specific reference index. References would generally not apply to opinion pieces.

How often is the paper published?

The current publication schedule between issues is 6-8 weeks. This is somewhat fluid through different parts of the year such as Christmas, when there are a lot of other things going on! This timeframe gives sufficient time for the editorial and graphic design volunteers to finalise the content and layout, plus eases the time demands on our distribution volunteers.

How do I distribute and help get the truth out?

We would love to have more volunteers on board, to help spread the truth! We are always looking for our "boots on the ground" distributors, hub leaders and drivers to get the truth newspaper out to all. Please go to our Distribute section on the website and complete the form.

The Light Australia, Issue 5 - May 2023

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